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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Copernicanism and Darwinism


Copernicanism and Darwinism can't be separated!

For example: Careful reading of reports of the Scopes Trial (Dayton, TN, 1925) shows that evolutionists led by Clarence Darrow tried and succeeded in embarrassing William Jennings Bryan by taunting him about Copernicanism. One hot July day " court recessed, Bryan was asked by a bystander if he believed Joshua had commanded the sun to stand still. He replied angrily that while he would always answer honest questions, `somebody told you to ask me that question. It is asked for no other purpose than to insult me'. He stalked away...." (Six Days Or Forever? by Ray Ginger, Oxford U. Press, p.125.)

Before the jury was sworn in, "Hays...excited a little interest by reading a statute he had drafted which decreed the death penalty for anybody who taught the Copernican theory in the public schools. If the Butler Act is valid, said Hays, so is this. The comparison was not original with him: both supporters and opponents of the Butler Act had already used it to flog Bryan." (Ibid. p.104)

Also, as most Creationists know, both versions of the Hollywood pro-evolutionary flicks (Inherit The Wind) used the same strategy to good dramatic effect for the evolution cause. I myself encountered this specific form of ridicule while debating a scientist from Notre Dame on Public TV in South Bend several years ago. Perhaps you have run into a similar situation a time or two. If you have (and if you tend to equate geocentrists with flat-earthers) you know why Bryan got frustrated and reacted angrily when someone popped him a taunt about Copernicanism. After all, Bryan knew that an anti-Copernican, geocentric earth is an integral part of Biblical Creation, but he also "knew" the whole literate world thought it "knew" by then...that science "had proven" that the earth rotated on an "axis" daily and orbited around the sun annually.
Given then, the demonstrated effectiveness of leveling Copernican taunts at Creationists, one may wonder why Evolutionists don't "flog" them more than they do with this weapon.

I venture some reasons why they don't:

1) Excepting a growing handful, Creationists embrace Copernicanism as wholeheartedly as the rest of the world. Like everybody else, they learned it and they believe it is as solidly established as a scientific fact as their evolutionary adversaries now believe evolution to be.

2) Copernicanism has 450 years of increasingly sophisticated indoctrination behind it. Modern evolutionism is young by comparison, but still obviously dominates in the Universities, etc., and has for some time. Give it another generation or two and if any Creationists remain they will be viewed as being just as ridiculously eccentric as geocentrists are viewed now. In other words--goes this reasoning--there is no need to flog or taunt Creationists about Copernicanism for they are an increasingly harmless breed on its way to de facto extinction in due time anyway (just like those other geocentrists who fought Copernicanism for a couple of centuries).

3) The most important reason why evolutionists don't taunt modern Creationists about Copernicanism is also the most subtle because it is the most spiritual. Bible honoring Creationists know that the wrestling match they are in is with Satan and his minions rather than men per se (Eph.6:12). If you are one who believes that, test this hypothesis and see where you come out: IF Copernicanism, like evolutionism, is a masterful deception from Satan designed specifically to weaken and ultimately destroy the Bible's credibility, would the Devil use every "angel of light" trick in the book to prevent Creationists from making the Spiritual connection between Copernicanism and Darwinism?? Would he use fear of taunts, false pride, apathy, false teachers and counselors, specious scientific arguments, anything, anything at all to prevent today's anti-evolution Creationists from becoming also anti-heliocenticity Creationists??
It's something to think about, isn't it?

God, thru His Word, teaches a non-moving and immovable earth just as surely as he teaches a six-day Creation 6000 years ago and a universal Flood some 1600 years later. All attempts to twist and even boldly reverse geocentric Scriptures by claiming that God just used a "language of appearance" are extremely reckless for the Christian devoted to the inerrancy of Scripture. After all, the same argument has been employed with near devastating effect upon the Creationist Movement by Theistic Evolutionists, has it not?
Attacking vulnerable Copernicanism is a strategy that outflanks the entire secular science establishment (overrunning the Theistic Evolutionist's position in the process!)

In addition to all that, being men and women of sound mind (II Tim. 1:7), Creationists should be eager to learn that:

1) No one--not Copernicus, not Kepler, not Galileo, not Newton, not Einstein, not Sagan--absolutely no one has proven the earth to be moving.

2) The earth moves only thru an observation-denying, wholly assumption-based, contra-scientific Mathematical Model that is wide-open to a head-on attack.

3) Over 200 truly scientific experiments using real mathematics have shown no earth movement, and these had the science establishment in a panic from the 1880's until Einstein came to the rescue in 1905 with his "relativity" hypothesis.

4) Relativity is pure claptrap and there isn't a person reading this who can't know that fact.

5) Foucault's Pendulum, the Coriolis Effect, and geostationary satellites do not prove a moving earth.

6) Anyone can see that the results of the Michelson-Morley experiments--especially the light fringe results--prove a stationary earth; and other facts about eclipses, satellite re-positionings, alleged blinding earth speeds, gravitational hooey, etc., add to the proof. Moreover, the Big Bang Baloney, the growing awareness of the effect of Dark Matter on galactic speeds, parallax factors (HERE) which shrink the cosmos, the evidence for speed-of-light retardation, the behavior of reflections and their capabilities for producing phenomena regarding size and depth, etc., all combine to corroborate the certitude of a greatly sanforized universe (one no more than one light day thick: Start HERE), a universe put in diurnal rotation around the spiritual and physical center of God's Creation, just exactly as it appears to be day in and day out.

7) The Bible not only flatly states scores of times (HERE) and in several ways (HERE) that the earth does not move, it actually has a built-in geocentric assumption--sun rise, sun set--from beginning to end. (One scholar, a geocentrist and mathematician, is cataloguing some 2000 (!) of these.)

In the beginning, the Bible makes clear, the earth was the center of our "solar" system, with no sun for it to go around until the 4th day of creation (Gen.1:14-19; HERE). At the End we read of a New Earth (HERE) replacing in the same location this old one (Rev. 20:11; 21:1,2). This New Earth which occupies the same location in the cosmos as the old one which has "fled away" is the place where God the Father and Jesus will dwell with the redeemed forever (Rev. 21:3).

Given that unpreached but clear teaching, do you think that God the Father and Jesus the Son will eternally be somewhere out on the edge of Their NEW Universe in the boonies...or at the center?


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