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Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al: The Role of Darwinian Evolutionism in Their Lives

Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al:
The Role of Darwinian Evolutionism in Their Lives

    What a person believes to be true about the Origins of all that is (mankind included), absolutely and without a doubt colors that individual’s philosophy of life in all its aspects.  Very little thought on the part of anyone able to think at all will confirm that statement.

    In fact, so patently obvious is the truth of that statement, that one must marvel that any understanding of any individual in any walk of life would be attempted without letting it be plainly known what their beliefs were (and are) about the origins of man and all else.

    Narrowing down those beliefs about origins, we can conclude that they are basically three in number: 1) Atheism.  No God.  Energy and Matter created all that exists over billions of years.  2) Theistic Evolutionism.  There is a god, but he created everything thru evolutionary processes.  (These folks fall into two broad categories: a) Some walk hand in hand with the atheist back to the alleged appearance of the first germ, which they then allow god to have created some three billion years ago to kick-start the evolution process.  These discount the Bible and its miracles.)  b) Others hang on to some of the Bible but believe “science” has proven Darwinism (and Copernicanism, of course, you idiot!), but hopefully a resurrection and heaven of some sort is in the cards...or at least some kind of reincarnation where one can keep on going as a bug or a rock or something).  3) Creationism.  God (Allah to many) created everything in six days about 6000 years ago and has an eternal, blissful creation in store on a New Earth for a multitude without number who meet His rather modest criteria.

   So, what have certain powerful historical figures in the not too distant past believed about the Origins of all that is?  Since Adolph Hitler is the most demonized figure of the 20th century, let’s begin by seeing what he believed about Origins....

ADOLPH HITLER: (b. Adolph Schicklgruber, 1889; d. 1945.)  It can be said without fear of contradiction that this man singlehandedly came pretty close to turning the world upside down for a few years.  But what high test philosophy fueled Hitler’s cerebral engine?   In short, what fundamental belief did Hitler have about his own and all of mankind’s origins?
 Dr. Jerry Bergman, a college professor somewhere in Ohio the last I heard, put together information from various authorities showing important connections between Hitler’s Nazism and Darwin’s Evolutionism.  A few quotations will make the accepted but rarely discussed point that Hitler’s Nazism was a calculated and deliberate plan to apply evolutionary “science” to government policy.  Indeed, Darwinism was the heartbeat of Nazism as Hitler conceived it.  Note Bergman’s findings:

    “Adolph Hitler’s mind was captivated by evolutionary teaching--probably since he was a boy.”

    “One of the central planks in Nazi theory and doctrine was...evolutionary theory...”, we read in another place.

    The whole Hitlerian idea of the “master race” of “supermen” was based on the Darwinian principle of “survival of the fittest” which Hitler proposed to speed up by various policies.  Jews and Blacks were singled out as retards on the evolutionary scale who must not be allowed to contaminate the more evolved, i.e., the more advanced “aryan master race”.  (This was the ultimate effrontery, the unpardonable sin, as far as the Talmudic Jews were concerned.   How dare he appropriate THEIR position on the subject of superiority and inferiority!   That blankety-blank paperhanger--and the whole German people--will find out who is superior and who isn’t!   They are going to pay and pay, and then pay some more for this effrontery!)

    Dr. Bergman’s conclusion:  “The evidence is very clear that Darwinian ideas had a tremendous impact on German thought and practice.... In fact,  Darwinian ideas had a tremendous influence on causing WWII, the loss of 40 million lives, and the waste of about 6 trillion 1945 dollars.  Firmly convinced that evolution was true, Hitler saw himself as the modern savior of mankind.... By breeding a superior race, the world would look upon him as the man who pulled humanity up to a higher level of evolution.”

   Vot more can ve zay?  The interminable vengeance exacted on the Germans by the Jews in particular is partly due to their Holocaust experience, which was bad to be sure, but admitted by many Jews themselves to be highly exaggerated.  (The Zionists officially declared economic war on Hitler in 1933, just six weeks after he was elected Chancellor  [a little publicized fact somehow]....   He [thru Himmler chiefly] got increasingly rough with them after that, no doubt about it.  Maybe a million died in the camps of all causes, and another million during the invasion of the Soviet Union.)   The Holocaust Industry, as many are calling it (including those reading Finklestein's hot new book by that title) has served the Zionists in particular wonderfully well, not only as an immense source of revenue, but also as an unfailing psychological club to beat off any post-war inclinations anywhere to expose their multi-faceted dark side.  This ceaseless retribution and hair-trigger labeling of “anti-Semite” and “Nazi” has gotten the Zionists a lot of mileage in the post-war world. 

    Still, the Holocaust is only the most visible and effective tool used to establish once and for all who is superior and who is inferior.  Bombing Hitler and Nazism off the map didn’t touch the root of evolutionism!   Indeed, pruning the Nazi limb off the evolution tree just made the other branches (Communism, Socialism, Humanism) grow stronger and bear more fruit of an equally, if not more poisonous variety than Hitlerism!   All four of these big “isms” of the 20th century (Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Humanism) are rooted and grounded in Darwinian and neo-Darwinian evolutionism.  I find that a rather interesting fact, don’t you?  Hitler was totally persuaded that evolutionism was a scientific fact.  Ernst Haeckel’s recapitulation nonsense aided the Darwinian conquest of the Life Sciences in Germany on the heels of Darwin's book (HERE). 

Hitler was also deeply convinced by the theories of Eugenicist Francis Galton (Darwin’s cousin) and others about improving the quality of the human race by careful selection of parents in the breeding process.  Nordic stock was preferred for achieving the best evolutionary results.  Hitler concluded that this was the best way to thin out the weak and propagate the strong.  As far as can be determined Hitler retained a belief in did Galton.  He just added Darwin in the mix and adopted one of the different shades of belief open to the theistic evolutionist.   This seems to be a pattern for deep dyed evolutionists who lean toward Fascism, i.e., they do not officially promote atheism, they are ardent nationalists, and, to a degree, they favor a substantial element of capitalism in the economy.  

    Deep dyed evolutionists who embrace Communism and Socialism and Humanism, on the other hand, tend to officially promote atheism, seek to get rid of nationalism and install globalism, and ostensibly denounce capitalism while using it for their own ends in an otherwise government run economy.   The “fall” of Soviet Communism, by-the-way, effected nothing as far as the evolutionary underpinning of these non-Fascist isms is concerned.  Everybody just became Socialist-Humanists,  which sounds a lot better, and the march away from nationalism toward globalism has now gone to afterburners.   Globalism is the “ism” of the day and--being evolutionist to the core--it bloody well means to get rid of that pesky competition from Biblical Creationism and proceed quickly to the main order of business, i.e., finishing off Jesus and the New Testament foundation for Christianity.

      So, while all the big talk from world leaders goes on about politics, economics, environment, nuclear proliferation, etc., the real culprit is what has been implanted in man’s mind about his origin and purpose in the world.  And this offender (evolutionism cleverly disguised as “science”) remains as effectively hidden as a rabbit in a brush pile.  False science, and those who knowingly use it, has been Satan’s major weapon in the world--at least since the Copernican fiction paved the way for the Darwinian fiction--and is no more suspected of being behind all this misery than is Donald Duck.

    Hidden and unsuspected or not, it is absolutely clear that evolutionism is that mind warping concept that has been (and now is!) a key ingredient in modern history’s greatest blood baths, its interminable racial turmoil, and the most terrible economic waste in the history of the world. 

Hitler--being totally persuaded that evolutionism was a scientific fact--simply turned out to be one of--if not the--most impassioned promoters of that theory about man’s origins in the 20th century.   As with hundreds of millions of others, Hitler perceived that here was a scientific fact which basically demanded that all previous concepts about mankind be thrown out the window.  Being the white supremacist concept that Darwinism is, Hitler made this idea his guiding principle.   With “scientific truth” on his side, he set about to further the  “Master Race” concept.  The rest is history.

   But there were other equally persuaded and zealous devotees of Darwinism in Hitler’s time.  These also were men who have had a powerful influence on modern history, an influence heavily weighted on the destructive side of the balance. These men (Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Marx) were globalists, rather than nationalists, and they openly mocked God and set about to rid the world of His influence on mankind....

NIKOLAI LENIN: (b. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov,1870; d. 1924.)   Lenin, the first murderous communist dictator of the USSR said: “Darwin put an end to the belief that the animal and vegetable species bear no relation to one another, except by chance, and that they were created by God , and hence immutable.”  (The heart of this statement is: “Darwin put an end to the belief that the animal and vegetable species..were created by God....”)

    Lenin was “...a confirmed atheist, dedicated to the destruction of...all religious worship...he regarded Christ with undisguised hatred.”

    On his desk Lenin had a statue displayed in a “prominent position for all to see...its vivid presence dominated the room.”  (What kind of statue?)

    It was a “...bronze statue of an ape gazing at an oversized human skull.”  This symbolized the evolutionary core of Lenin’s atheism.  It further symbolized the core of Marx’s Communism which Lenin set about imposing on Russia and much of the rest of the world.  When Lenin died in 1924, control of the Soviet Union passed to Joseph Stalin. 

    Let’s glance at the role evolutionism played in Stalin’s mind (a mind, all agree, which conceived and carried out the calculated murder of at least ten--and more likely--twenty to thirty million people, mostly Christians):

JOSEPH V. STALIN: (b. IOSIF VISSARIONOVICH DZHUGASHVILI, b.1879; d. 1953;   Following Lenin, Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist for thirty years.  From Landmarks in the Life of Stalin we read:

    “At a very early age, while still a pupil in the ecclesiastical school, Comrade Stalin developed a critical mind and revolutionary sentiments.  He began to read Darwin and became an atheist.”

    G. Gludjidze, a boyhood friend of Stalin’s relates:  “I began to speak of God.  Joseph heard me out, and after a moment’s silence said: ‘You know, they are fooling us, there is no God....’”               

    Gludjidze reported: “I was astonished at these words.  I had never heard anything like it before.  How can you say such things, Soso?” he asked Stalin, who replied:

    “I will lend you a book to read: it will show you that the world and all living things are quite different from what you imagine, and all this talk about God is sheer nonsense.”

    “What book is that?” his friend inquired.

    “Darwin.  You must read it,’ Joseph impressed on me.” 

    A few pages later, another person who was in school with Stalin, said of what they were taught:
    “ order to disabuse [i.e., free from deception or error] the minds of our seminary students of the myth that the world was created in six days, we had to acquaint ourselves with the geological origin and age of the earth, and be able to prove them in argument; we had to familiarize ourselves with Darwin’s teachings.”

    So, in plain words, the church school Joseph Stalin attended labored to get the Bible’s explanation for origins out of kid’s heads and fill those same heads with the evolutionary explanation for origins.  And that was church school well over a hundred years ago!  Education--public, private, church, TV, whatever--is THE tool for getting the evolution explanation for the origin of man and all else into peoples heads. 

    A quick note on how Mao Tse-tung made indoctrination into evolutionism his very first priority after the Communist victory in China in late 1949 is of interest, I think.  See if you agree:

MAO TSE TUNG: (b. 1893; d. 1976)  In a graduate school paper about the way the communists dealt with the 85% illiteracy problem in China, I found two things that stuck with me:

   1) Mao’s method was quite resourceful given what he had to work with.  He called it “Each One Teach One”.  It was basically the idea that every literate person would teach an illiterate person and, as soon as the pupil learned enough to read and write he would then teach what he had learned to another illiterate person.  Within a few short years the 85% figure was totally reversed.... It was quite an accomplishment given all the obstacles.

   2) Being a Marxist and an atheist and a firm believer in evolutionism himself, Mao mandated that the reading material used in this early day “Great Leap Forward” in literacy would be the writings of Charles Darwin and other materials supportive of the evolution paradigm. 

Understanding modern China of necessity includes an understanding of the transference of this state mandated indoctrination into evolution-based atheism from one generation to another for more than a half century.   The fact that Mao’s regime was responsible for the out-and-out murder of somewhere between 30 and 60 million people...many of them Christian missionaries and their flocks...does not suggest that all evolutionists are potential mass murderers, of course.  However, it does strongly suggest that a passionate belief that man is just another evolved animal is a conviction that is fully capable of creating a mind-set which cheapens life and excuses whatever behavior and policies individuals may pursue, no matter how hurtful and even deadly that behavior and those policies may be to millions of other people.   Indeed, one abiding result of this passionate belief in the evolutionary  origins scenario--a result more evident in the lives of the Lenin, Stalin, and Mao than in Hitler--is an utter disdain--often escalating to outright hatred--of Christians in particular.   One can see the source of this malevolence in a few facts about modern communism’s founder:......

 KARL MARX: (b. 1818; d. 1883) When Darwin’s book came out in 1859, Marx read it and exulted: “Darwin’s book is VERY important and serves me as a BASIS for the class struggle in history.”  “Basis”, as we know, is a strong word meaning “the foundation” or “underpinning” upon which something is built.  In other words, we learn from the horse’s mouth itself that the very foundation of Marxist Communism--the one thing that underpins the whole concept and holds it up--is an all-out belief in the evolution of man and everything else out of energy and matter, and a corresponding all-out belief that whatever teachings there are that God Created everything are teachings that must be purged from peoples minds.  

    In all the 70 tumultuous years of Soviet Communism and the 45 years of the “Cold War” between Soviet Communism and the West, and the half-century of the no longer sleeping giant of Chinese Communism, and all the incidental “little” Communist states of Cuba, N. Korea, and Viet Nam still with us, and the wars, etc., this central fact that the very foundation of the system of communism, its very BASIS, is a belief in Darwinian evolutionism,  is a huge FACT that is scarcely if ever heard.   Does that strike anyone as just a little bit of an oversight on the part of “International Relations Experts” and a lot of world leaders et al who were making “Cold War” policy for the West??

    It is good to recall this fact as well: Another name for Communism has always been “Scientific Materialism”.  This concept rests on two beliefs: First--as Friedrich Ingles (Marx's side-kick) made clear--"Communist physics permits no inertia in the cosmos, i.e., the stationary earth in Bible teaching is forever anathema and the Copernican cosmology is forever true science.Second, man is an accidentally evolved animal who has no spiritual needs.  His needs are only material ones, and “science”, not God, will fulfill those needs.  “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” as Marx put it.

     In his book: Was Karl Marx A Satan Worshipper?,  author Richard Wurmbrand gives plenty of evidence that he was.  At the very least, Marx was a hate-filled man who, from his college days throughout his life, was bent on inflicting as much grief and woe on the world as he possibly could.  Those who know something about how Satan-worshippers operate can see that Marx fit all the criteria.  Check some of his own words and draw your own conclusion:

    “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.” (From a poem). 

    Another poem: “The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.  See this sword?  The Prince of Darkness [Satan] sold it to me.”

    From a drama Marx wrote and called “Oulanem” (an inversion and anagram for Emmanuel, a Biblical name for Jesus), is loaded with devilish stuff, including these lines:

    “You will sink down and I shall follow laughing, whispering in your ears, ‘Descend, come with me friend.”

    The Drama ends:

    “If there is something which devours, I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins - the world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash it to pieces with my enduring curses.  I’ll throw my arms around its harsh reality.  Embracing me, the world will dumbly pass away.”

    Only eighteen years old when he penned those sweet uplifting thoughts, Marx found the destructive instrument he was looking for in Socialism and its most radical expression, Communism.   Some of his acquaintances included Moses Hess, Bakunin, and Proudhon.  Bakunin, an anarchist who quarreled with Marx (everybody did!), was supposedly a militant atheist, but actually praised Satan openly.  He also longed to become the anti-Christ of the Bible.  Proudhon, another anarchist, “worshipped Satan”.  Hess, like Marx, a Jew, inserted a racist dimension into Marx’s ideas:  “Race struggle is primary, class struggle is secondary,” he wrote.  Hess was a modern forerunner of the Zionist Movement launched in 1897 by Theodore Herzl.  Hess said and Marx listened: “Every Jew has the making of a Messiah in himself....”
Marx’s main writings were his three volume tomes entitled, Das Kapital.  You may have three guesses as to whom he tried to dedicate this work: 1) Charles Darwin; 2) Daffy Duck; 3) The Salvation Army. 

   Leaving aside evolutionary zealots and their records in the Political realm, we can glimpse the impact on modern man’s mind stenciled there in diverse fields by other evolutionary zealots.  One may have to flip a coin to determine whether these men (and a thousand like them) have had as much or more impact than Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Marx....


SIGMUND FREUD: (b. 1856; d. 1939)  Sigmund Freud’s impact on 20th century thinking is almost too great to measure.   Read these statements from different commentators about Freud and that impact:       

   1) “Sigmund Freud’s name is as cardinal in the history of human thought as Charles Darwin’s.”

   2) “Few others in the history of the world have had a more profound influence on the way man thinks about himself.”

   3) “The very intellectual air we breathe has been infused with Freud’s categories of thought.”

   4) “In the wide area of experience covered by the Humanities and Social Sciences it is difficult to find a single discipline that is not indebted to Freud’s theories.”

   5) “...probably no scientist has ever had so strong and so widespread an influence upon literature.”

   6) “No other thinker in modern times has had a comparable effect upon so many branches of knowledge.”

    So, upon what concept of man did this mover and shaker of men’s minds base his theories? 

These are Freud’s own words:

    “Man is not different from or better than, the animals.... The present development of mankind seems to me to demand no other explanation than that of the animals...”

    Freud based everything he came up with on the idea that man was just a highly evolved animal whose brain contained a lot of stuff imprinted upon it from past stages of evolution.  This writer hits the proverbial nail on the head:

   “Freud, like Marx, sees the development of man in evolutionary terms....  He sees primitive man as one who gives full satisfaction to all his instincts, and also to those perverse instincts which are part of primitive sexuality....”

    Many observers have noted the way Freudianism complimented and advanced Marxism.  Here is one example:

   “...Freud...deserves place with Darwin and Marx in the revolutionary discoveries he has made concerning man.  Whoever wishes to maintain a claim to being a revolutionary...must also embrace, as an essential Marxian outlook, the Freudian dynamics of psychological phenomena.”

    How did a man who thought he was either Moses or a new Moses have such a world shaking impact on modern man’s “knowledge”?  How did a man who by the age of forty had stopped having sex with his wife and could only be stimulated by perverse fantasies become the world authority on sex?  How is a man who brought statuettes to the dinner table and talked to them become recognized as one of the 20th century’s leading intellectuals?   How did...Ah, forget it....(For more on this, see section on Freud: HERE.)

JOHN DEWEY: (b. 1859; d. 1952 )   John Who??  This name is not a household word, to be sure.  Nevertheless, this man almost single-handedly reshaped and transformed the basic emphasis of American education from being Bible centered to being evolutionary “science” centered.   Dewey has been called “the philosopher who influenced American education more than any other thinker”.  His books were required reading in teacher’s colleges for two generations.  What inspired Dewey to lead the charge to get God out of the schools and put Darwin in?  From Source Problems In Education we find part of the answer:

   John Dewey, whose reconstruction of philosophy fundamentally conditioned modern thought, was himself conditioned by Darwinian evolution... Instrumentalism, the name Dewey used to describe his philosophy, reflects its Darwinian temper just as its humanistic naturalism reflects the inspiration of science.”

    So impressed by the theory of evolution was Dewey, that on his own 50th birthday, he wrote an essay to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the appearance of Darwin’s book (which was also “born” in 1859).    About that book, Dewey rhapsodized:

  “...the Origin of Species [Darwin’s book] introduced a mode of thinking that in the end was bound to transform the logic of knowledge and hence the treatment of morals, politics, and religion.”

    That’s a mouthful!  And he had it exactly right!  “Transform the logic of knowledge...the treatment of morals, politics, and religion....”  Whew!

    If evolutionism had any solid evidence behind it, all this would be well and good, of course.  If, however, it is a contra-scientific lie, the American education system throughout the 20th century (and now into the 21st) has been the primary indoctrination tool for instilling false logic and false knowledge--all based on a false science--into innocent student’s minds.  (Other countries have had their own Dewey-like education leaders, of course.  Remember Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al were indoctrinated with the same thing in their early “education”!  French Jesuit Priest Tielhard de Chardin’s writings had a big effect on Catholic schools everywhere from the 20’s to the 50’s and beyond.  Chardin’s theistic evolutionism included an early day globalist outlook and incorporated the pagan concept that even rocks have divine force.)

    So, three and four generations of students have been robbed of the most basic spiritual Truth (confirmed by real science) that mankind can know, i.e., the Truth about their Origins, how they got here.   All Truth begins with the Truth about Origins. Origins Truth is absolutely foundational.  Other Truths in all areas can be erected on that foundation.  If the foundation consists of lies about Origins, only lies in all other areas can be erected upon it.  Modern man’s “knowledge” consists of deceptions in all areas of learning built upon the foundational lie that the Origin of all that exists came about as the result of a Big Bang explosion 15 billion years ago, and that the earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago, and that an evolutionary process leading from a spontaneously generated germ to Rachmanioff began 3 billion years ago (HERE).   As a result of these compounded deceptions built on the sand of evolutionary mythology, modern man’s “wisdom” is foolishness to God (I Cor.3:19).

      ...Where was I?  Oh, yes: Transforming the mind.... Dewey has had a lot of company in this endeavor, especially since Copernicus.  By the late 19th and early 20th centuries Darwinism had dug in its heels in the Universities and was filtering into the high schools (a la “The Monkey Trial” in 1925: HERE).   Steadily, stealthily, Creation by God was being pried out of people’s belief systems and Darwinian evolutionism was being funneled into their minds.  Even as far back as the early 1880’s,  German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was writing essays like “The Transvaluation of Values” and declaring that: “God is dead; we have killed him with our science”.   I think Dewey got a lot of his ideas from Nietzsche.

    So, this transforming of minds from a creation mode to an evolutionary mode, has been going on for a good little while, as we can see.   Now, today, NASA’s “Origins Program” is all set to put an end to the transformation by administering the coup de grace to Creationism with its high tech Virtual Reality Flim-Flammery: (HERE & HERE)

    But verily, there was another writer over nineteen hundred years ago who also talked about transforming the mind.  He wrote:

   “ not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Rom.12:2).

ALBERT EINSTEIN: (b.1879; d.1955)  Perhaps even more than the others, Einstein’s impact on 20th century thinking is almost too great to measure.  As noted elsewhere, repeated interferometer experiments in the 1880’s declared the earth was not moving.  This was a time of supreme crisis for Astronomy and Physics, which “disciplines” had totally replaced the Biblical non-moving earth with the Copernican model by that decade.   Utter disgrace would descend on those proud fields of science if some way couldn’t be found to get around the motionless earth which all experiments certified.  More, that disgrace, that humiliating loss of esteem for “science”, would surely spill over on the whole priesthood of scientists flying Darwin’s banner and on the march in the Life Sciences. 

   Make no mistake: this was a desperate time, a crucial juncture in an ages long struggle to destroy Bible credibility and hence its crowning message of Jesus as set forth in the New Testament.   Einstein’s Relativity Theory (1905) proved nothing, but seemed to put the issue out of the reach of verification.    That was enough to make him an international celebrity and “man of the century” at its recent close.  Curiously, Einstein’s Relativity concept came straight out of the Kabbala, as did the concept of Zionist nationalism, for which Einstein was an ardent spokesman.  He was an agnostic and evolutionist thru and thru, a Sadducee who did not believe in life after death.  (Lots more on Einstein in: The Earth Is Not Moving and elsewhere.)

 E. T. : (nickname for “extra-terrestrial”: born in Steven Spielberg’s mind and filmed in 1982. Can still be viewed in the celluloid hall of fame.)  Ah, lovable little ET with the flashlight  finger!  What is there to say?  ET is a superstar amongst a very long line of extra-terrestrials now starring in every third movie and TV production that comes out it seems.   Some halfway exciting stuff.  Some halfway funny stuff.  A lot of warp speed stuff.  Kind of entertaining all in all, if one keeps in mind that we are talking 100% FICTION here.   I mean, there is NOTHING real about any of it.  Right?

    Right.  Well, as long as we keep that in mind, and we are not totally dumbed-down couch potatoes who have quit thinking altogether, we can plainly see that there is one underlying message in every single one of these story lines.  In fact, there wouldn’t be any story if this message wasn’t in there.  Did you get that?  Without this message none of these TV programs, movies, cartoons, books, video games, etc., which rely on extra-terrestrials in the plot, would exist.  Sometimes the message is stated offhandedly, sometimes boldly; other times it is just accepted and understood without being stated.  But the message is always there.  OK?

    What message??

    This message: Intelligent life forms have evolved “out there”.  They look different from humans...pointed ears, big heads, spindly legs, washboard brows, etc.  Some are mean and ugly and some are nice and kinda cute in a grotesque way.  But the main thing we all are to “get into” and accept without thinking or questioning is that all kinds of life has “evolved out there” in other star systems and other galaxies.  That is the one plain message that is implanted over and over and over, ad nauseum.

   OK.  Now, in your own Think Tank, consider what that means for a minute.... As you think it thru, you will see how all this life in outer space stuff is the most successful and powerful form of spreading and imbedding the evolution idea in people’s heads that anybody has ever come up with.  You can see real fast that when a person begins to accept the idea that there are other intelligent life forms which have evolved “out there”, that person is ipso facto accepting and reinforcing the concept of the evolution of human beings and all other forms of life on earth.

    The reasoning we’ve all been indoctrinated with goes something like this:  Our star (the sun) gave the right amount of light and heat to cause certain chemicals to become “simple” life forms.   Over millions and hundreds and thousands of millions of years these “evolved” into fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and finally man (not to mention the entire plant kingdom....)

    Sound familiar?

    All right.  So, if this happened here with our star (the sun) and we have this seemingly endless number of stars (suns) “out there”, don’t we have to conclude that planets similar to earth are out there in great numbers and that life forms have also evolved on them over these billions of years??

    Of course we conclude that.  And zap, we become converts and supporters of the evolution myth while thinking we are just being entertained, or even educated in some of the fine points of outer space science and technology. 

    I fell for it.  You probably have.  It seems that just about everybody has!  (And lots of people will get into an absolute snit if you raise any challenge to the life-in-outer-space dogma.  It’s part of a religion, you see.  The “scientists” are the priests and Darwinism is their holy book.  We are the congregation.  If you question any part of this religion or attack it, make no mistake, the ones who are fanatics and have closed their ears to any truth that contradicts their faith will want to beat you around the head and shoulders with a blunt instrument...or at least give you the verbal equivalent thereof.)

    So, what are the facts about all this alleged life in outer space?

    Well, here are a few for starters:

   FACT: There is absolutely no evidence of any kind showing that there is life in any form whatsoever outside planet earth.  None.  Zip.  Nada. (Note Sagan’s lament (half way thru: HERE.)

    Here is another FACT: No telescopic sighting of any planet outside our “solar” system has ever been made.  All such planetary homes for supposed space dwellers excitedly announced by NASA are pure fiction.   (See: Virtual Reality Fraud &   NASA’s Hanky Panky.... & Redshift Fraud & Star Distance Deceptions.)

    And how about this FACT: There is solid scientific evidence by the truckload showing that the earth’s age is under 10,000 years.  You don’t want to know?  Don’t look.  You do want to know?  You will if you look. (See: “Time” in The Truth About Evolution or a hundred other sources by Creationist scientists in Geology, Chemistry, etc.  I like the visual proofs, myself, such as polystrata trees, sandals, jewelry, tools, etc., found in strata with fossils supposedly beaucoup millions of years old; dinosaur and human footprints side by side, etcetera, etcetera....)

    Given that there has been a media blitz promoting evolutionism--both slyly and boldly--for a long time, an interesting question comes up, namely:  Do the Spielbergs et al and Sagans and Goldins et al, and all the authors of books and articles with an extraterrestrial theme, know that they are promoting the evolutionary explanation of the Origin of all life, or don’t they know it??

    One more thought here:  If evolution on earth were true, then the whole extra-terrestrial concept would be plausible, even probable.  On the other hand, if there has been no macro-evolution on earth--and factual, actual science proves there has not been--then the whole ET construct falls to pieces and can be seen to be at bottom, nothing more than a clever evolution propaganda promotion scheme. One further question is: Why would people go to such far-out crazy lengths to try to get mankind to believe that matter created everything over a period of 15 billion years instead of conceding that the endless list of ineffable designs present everywhere demands a Designer God who is capable of doing it all in six days and getting that information out along with the rest of His Plan in a Book??  Why present a counterfeit of Origins when there is no excuse for failing to see that all that exists would be impossible without a Designer God of unlimited knowledge and power and PURPOSE?   Could God with this unlimited knowledge and power expressed in every aspect of His creation be so dumb as to not have a Plan for all of it?!  Could He be so naive as to think He could communicate that Plan to Man in any sure way other than to put it in writing?  Could He be so careless as to allow copiers of the Plan, and outright enemies of the Plan, to mess it up over the centuries so that His Truths could no longer be established from it alone? 

    Those are rhetorical questions....

    So, is the object of all this counterfeiting of the Truth about Origins...this unrelenting hammering on the evolution theme from every quarter, to be viewed as some kind of quirky accident which just happens to knock the props out from under Bible credibility from A to Z?

   Or, if the probability on that is zero, as it plainly is, then there would appear to be a well defined, finely honed, nearly completed strategy afoot from somewhere to bring the Bible down and replace it with a totally adversarial, contradictory explanation for not only the Origin of all things, but for the entire Plan of God as set forth in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

    If Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Marx, Freud, Dewey, et al--all born in the 19th century-- were evolutionary zealots and left wide paths of misery and death thru much of of the 20th century (in large part because of the philosophy of life that governed their policies), what has been wrought by evolution’s zealots in positions of power from then till now who have the same philosophy of life??!

    Evolution’s zealots (I was one of them!) today are not confined solely to any identifiable group.  Third graders write reports on how manatees came from elephants (or vice versa; I forget how that part of the myth goes); and every eight year old “knows” that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago when a comet came real close or an asteroid struck the earth.  I mean, how dumb can anybody be not to know these rudimentary evolutionary “phacks”?!

    But all this is obviously the effect of increasingly sophisticated indoctrination on the all-important Origins subject.  (The same can be said for teachers and professors who are zealots.  They teach what they learned.)  If today, however, one begins looking  for the controlling cause of all this indoctrination instead of its effect, one needs to look no further than the flagrant evolution indoctrination program being conducted thru NASA’s tax-funded “Origins Program”.  (Go: HERE, HERE, & HERE.)  

   NOW ADD THIS: This Plan to establish extra-terrestrial evolutionism is the culmination, the absolute capstone of all previous indoctrination efforts.  It is designed to settle the matter of Origins in favor of evolutionism once and for all.  Highly sophisticated technology is being used to give the Program the appearance of being “scientific”.   But all that is smoke and mirrors.  The real plan is centuries old and has its roots in the Christ-hating mystic Kabbalism. HERE - HERE.

   But there is another older, bigger, and unconquerable Plan which foresaw and allowed all this to develop just as it has in order to provide the capstone for a lesson that will serve eternally on the New Earth (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22;Rev.20:11; 21:1).  This bigger, unconquerable Plan Designed by God calls for the exposure of all of Satan’s deceptions from the one in the Garden till now.  This global exposure of lies and revelation of Truth is the “war the Lamb wins” (Rev.17:14).   It forces a division of all people into two camps, namely, those who can and those who can not receive a love of the Truth (II Thess.2:10).   (Outlines of what transpires from this division until the last day of this earth’s history can be seen in One Page Summaries under these titles: The Rapture: The Question Is “When”? & God’s End Time Drama: The Sweet and the Bitter.)
If Hitler and the others were alive to see such a division of all people into basically followers of God and followers of Satan, it would be interesting to note which side he and the others would embrace after the evolution lie and others are exposed, wouldn’t it??       

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