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Sola Scriptura - IV: Kabbala Phariseeism or Bible Christianity?

Sola Scriptura - IV

Kabbala Phariseeism or Bible Christianity?

As more than ample documentation throughout this web page (and HERE) testifies, the “Scientific Revolution” generated by the “Copernican Revolution” almost five centuries ago was, and remains, a fact-free, bogus phenomenon; a brazen deception with Satan’s fingerprints all over it.
Sir Isaac Newton—the Science Establishment's demi-god lionized for centuries by court historians--“...secretly studied Kabbala, wherein he found ideas that bear a striking resemblance to some of his greatest scientific discoveries.1 As intimated in other essays (HERE -HERE), Newton not only gutted the Bible and re-wrote it to his liking, but also was an over-the-top alchemist, plagiarizer, Mason, apparent homosexual, and an opportunist cad pimping his alluring and compliant niece for personal gain.

But, who cares? After all, his “science” secured the success of Copernicanism until the mid 1880’s.  At that time a couple hundred interferometer experiments showing no earth movement threw the universities into a 20 year funk.  Enter Kabbalist- friendly Zioinist Einstein who saved the day with his “relativity” sophistry which we now know came strait out of 13th century Kabbalist Nachmanides' writings & Isaac Luria's 16th century codification of those writings. This  "Copernicanism" is one of a half dozen concepts from the Kabbala which has become today’s Big Bang Evolutionary Science Paradigm, i.e., the backbone of modern man’s “knowledge”.

Newton, in short, insured the acceptance of the Copernican Model for two centuries with his arcane “mathematical” concepts; concepts upon which others—Einstein through Sagan, et al—could erect today's Pharisee Cosmology.  So what if he turns out to be a kinky crook?  It’s his “science” that counts.  Right?  After all, we aren’t going to argue with “Gravity” are we?!

Well, plenty of people are arguing with it, but that is another story (HERE - HERE).  The point now, as anyone can confirm for themselves, is that Newton’s cosmological “science”—like the “science” of Einstein, Penzias’, Sagan, Schroeder, etc.—has its roots synthesized in the mystic Kabbalist “creationist” cosmology of Isaac Luria (HERE).

Although Kabbalism is nearly always associated with Judaism, there are so-called “Christian Kabbalists” such as Newton, Dee, Kepler, Shakespeare, Cardinal Nicolas of Cusa and a long list of Theosophists, Rosecrucians, Masons, Crowleyites, etc.  All of these and more have been or now are promoters of Kabbalist mysticism.

Some claim the influence of Kabbalist mysticism goes back to Adam, Abraham, and Moses.  Others date its roots to the 70 year Babylonian Captivity ending c. 536 B.C.  Most cite Pythagoras as the earliest Kabbala influenced “scientist” who pushed the rotating, orbiting earth concept in the 6th century B.C. (HERE)  The heliocentric model of Aristarchus in the 3rd century B.C.—which Copernicus basically plagiarized 18 centuries later—had the stamp of Pythagoras/Kabbala on it.

What do the hundreds and thousands of pages of “explanation” about the wonders of the now “out of the closet” Zohar/Kabbalism tell the world? What does it all really mean?  (Seven links on the subject “Kabbala” begin HERE.)  Let’s examine a few more facts and claims that add to those links:
From “History of Kabbala” we read: “Kabbalah predates any religion or theology.... Simply put, Kabbalah gives you the tools you need to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and to bring the light of the Creator into your life....”2   (Emph. added to quotes throughout.)

Comment:  Look no further! All that is true and desirable begins with Kabbala.  Notice “the Creator”....  THIS IS THE KEY. “In the beginning” was the Kabbala’s “Creator”.  Not the Biblical “Creator”; the Kabbala’s “ Creator”.

This is always the rationale for the claim of Zohar/Kabbalism, namely, that all religions and theologies are predated by and subordinate to the “Creator” described in the   Zohar/Kabbala.  This “Creator” rules.  Neither the Biblical “Creation” nor the God of the Biblical Creation is recognized by the Pharisee Sect of Judaism. Who or what is this Kabbala “Creator” who supersedes and nullifies The Biblical “Creator” anyway??  What makes this Kabbala Creator different from the Bible Creator?  Why are these questions more important than all other theological questions put together at this time in history-?!

Consider this quote: The idea ex abhorrent to the Quabalah”3   In other words, Quabalah (Kabbala) abhors [hates, loathes, detests] the Biblical Creator Who claims to have created everything in six evening and morning days ex nihilo, i.e., by calling it all into existence out of nothing without using any evolution whatsoever..

As that sinks in, note carefully the profoundly different nature of the roles of God and Satan in the Kabbala: “In this duality of good and evil the danger is that the uninitiated see two separate entities: they see good as God and evil as Satan.  Consequently, they love the one and hate the other....This is the essential ignorance which separates Christianity from Judaism; for to the Christians salvation consists in the conquest of evil - that is, in its separation from the good....The personification of evil in the form of Satan as the God of Evil is the heresy which separates Christianity from Judaism....”4

Is that a mouthful or not?!  This Kabbalic “Creator” is a “duality” of good and evil.  There are not “two separate entities” involved in the creation, one good and one evil, as the Biblical Creation Account of Moses describes.  Satan is not a created “entity” as the Bible and Christianity describe him to be (Col. 1:16; HERE).   No, no, says the Kabbalist; that is the “essential ignorance which separates Christianity from Judaism.”  Making Satan the God of Evil “is heresy to the Kabbalist.”  The Kabbalist “Creator” is one entity, good and evil; a monotheistic amalgam of good and evil. (This is the same hermaphroditic  ogre worshipped as the Bahomet creator/architect  g’d found in many mystical—always secret—Societies which have higher orders of  these “illuminated” ones in control.)
Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible which are open to the whole world. “The Kabbalah, however, was tightly guarded and concealed.  It was only transmitted by word of mouth to a small circle of sages in each succeeding generation....The secret doctrines [of the Qabalah] were passed from mouth to mouth and were locked away in the brains of the priesthood and the learned....”6

The secrecy surrounding the entire Zohar/Kabbala mysticism—involving both oral and written teachings—has been intense through the centuries until very recently (HERE-HERE-HERE-HERE, pp.3,4).   It has seemed to be the case that a few over-eager Kabbalist scientists et al have prematurely “blown the cover” and “let the cat out of the bag” concerning their alternate anti-Bible evolution-based  “creation scenario”.

However, it now appears that letting the world see their cards, i.e., their game plan of destroying Bible credibility and hence Bible Christianity, has been no slip-up!  Einstein’s universal acclaim from his 1905 and 1916 papers on relativity (an essential concept of today’s Kabbalic Universe found in 13th century Kabbalist Nachmanides’ writings), emboldened  “...the eminent Kabbalist, the revered master, Rav Yehuda Ashlag [who]  broke with the 4000 -year-old tradition that had locked Kabbala’s great power inside the mystifying writings of the Ari [Isaac Luria]. The time had come to act. The ancient vaults to Kabbalah were to be opened by the hands of this renowned sage [who said:]...In such a generation as ours there is nothing to be feared from disclosing the true wisdom openly”7

Rav Ashlag opened the first Kabbalah Centre in Jerusalem in 1922. (They are all over the world now.)   Many “...rabbis vehemently opposed it, fanning the flames of controversy that surrounded the dissemination of this spiritual wisdom.  Rav Ashlag was beaten outside his synagogue.  He was left lying in his own blood.... Rav Ashlag’s writings tackle...concepts such as relativity, space travel...concealed in the Zohar some 2000 years ago. Rav Ashlag’s genius lay in his ability to extrapolate these secrets from the Ari’s [Isaac Luria’s] 500-year-old writings.  As the mysteries were unveiled, they were injected into the collective unconscious of the people, including his counterparts toiling in the world of PHYSICS... On the unseen spiritual level, his work ignited the technological explosion of the 20th century....”8

Concerning the 20th century “technological explosion ignited by the unseen spiritual level” of Lurianic Kabbalism, we learn that: “The Zohar expounded upon ideas and concepts that were centuries ahead of their time....[e.g]: The Zohar describes the moment of creation as a Big Bang-like explosion. It speaks of a universe that exists in ten dimensions. It explores the notion of parallel universes.9

These quotations—and others--establish the fact that each concept of today’s textbook cosmology has its source in ancient writings of Kabbalist “sages”. This tells the world five things: 1) Today’s “science” is ruled by those concepts  which all come under the heading of the Big Bang Paradigm. 2) This Paradigm is the mother of the 15 billion years of alleged evolution of the universe, the earth, and mankind. 3) Without this “Creation” Paradigm, the “theory” of alleged secular “evolution science” now taught everywhere with taxpayer’s money (HERE - HERE) would simply have no basis for its 4.6 billion year old earth, evolved mankind, etc. 4) This Evolution Paradigm is religious; it is not “secular” as the world has been deceived into believing (HERE). 5) The g’d behind this Zohar/Kabbala “creation” of 15 billion years of contra-scientific evolutionary fiction is an occult  hybrid of Satan and any mythical pagan g’d one chooses.  It is an unholy abominable monster-g’d understood only by an “enlightened” Rabbinate which views the rest of mankind as ignorant cattle (HERE, p.5).   Except for some honest men in that company (John 3:1,2; Acts 6:7), the Rabbinate has been the cause of the persecution of the Jews in dozens of countries throughout their history.  Jesus made their role quite plain several times; a role “Christian Zionists” totally ignore (HERE-HERE).  Jesus called the Pharisees (who still rule Judaism): “liars and murderers, children of Satan” (John 8:44), and: “...I know the blasphemy of them which say thy are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Rev. 2:9), and: ”Behold, I will make them which are of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie....”(R. 3:9)  It should be no great mystery why the” illuminated” leaders of this Satan-led religion are making their final moves to destroy the Bible’s credibility right on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ, and to do so with “science falsely so called”. This fits our age that feeds on drugs and evolution-promoting Star Wars “wisdom” and Kabbala-inspired drivel about a “Force” substitute for God.  Collectively, all this has produced an age  that largely believes it evolved from a bacterium dropped by a comet four billion years ago (HERE).

Rav Ashlag and Kabbalist-friendly theoretical scientists have so thoroughly succeeded in leading the “ignorant cattle” (goyim) of the world that they are now confident that they have destroyed the Creator God and the credibility of the whole Bible beyond any chance of recovery.  The Bible itself told us over 1900 years ago about this over-confidence that those worshipping Satan would have as their final moves toward establishing  his World Government were being put in place. Note: 

Mystery Babylon “says in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.” (Rev. 18:7).  Though Satan’s kingdom of Babylon—to be headquartered in Jerusalem (Rev. 11:8)--is exposed (Rev. 18:2), and all its deceptions are “overcome” by Jesus and His “called, chosen, and faithful followers” (Rev. 17:14), the separated worshippers of Satan who empower the World Government—led by his human leader “the Beast"—say defiantly: “Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev. 13:4). They blaspheme God and believe that their g’d Satan will win in spite of his kingdom built on deception having been exposed! The Bible tells of God’s pre-planned destruction of this false g’d and his entire operation through the hellish seven trumpet plagues which will fall upon the Satan worshippers alone (Rev. 18:4....except for the Mark of the Beast time during the 6th Trumpet, etc. HERE)

So, In spite of the failed efforts of the Rabbis who beat up Rav Ashlag to stop him from opening the first Kabbala Center and risk exposing to the world the Pharisee’s well-kept secrets about their Bible-destroying evolutionary Big Bang “creation scenario”—and their g’d’s “duality” with Satan!—the secrets leaked out.  This leakage remained muted and manageable until the early ‘90’s.

Since then, however, Kabbalist physicist Schroeder et al (HERE-HERE,p.3,4)--knowing that NASA and the rest of the space program--along with most world media, academia, politics, judicial systems, finance, and religions--are all committed to upholding the Evolution Paradigm, have gone on an offensive that is selling a deceptive, angel of light picture of what Kabbalism is all about.  There is sweet talk about how there is no conflict between science (meaning “evolution science”) and religion....About how nation-states and dogmatic religions have outlived their usefulness in our Global Village shrunken by technology. Lists of famous scientists and others are quoted as being people of strong “faith” who also believe in the evolution of the universe, earth and mankind.  We hear it everywhere...even coming out in the U.S. Presidential Candidate’s debates!

Kabbalist physicist Schroeder et al have continued to build on their formerly secret  Big Bang “creation scenario” of c. 15 billion years of evolution.  Deceptively using the Bible, they say with a strait face that the first “evening and morning” day of the Biblical Creation was really eight billion years; the second, four billion years, the third, two billion, etc. until they come up with 1st century Kabbalist HaKanna’s age of 15 billion years.  This ruse—fortified by increasingly sophisticated indoctrination about evolutionary “discoveries” throughout the 20th century till now--continue to flow from every pore of the media and academia, and NASA, and have established Kabbalist Kosmology worldwide. 

A large percentage of the world’s people—especially those whose indoctrination has been completed in colleges and universities, but who still want to “have faith” in “god” or reincarnation or something—see no big problem with accepting Schroeder-type explanations.  Though some do, most don’t know that they are accepting a “creation scenario” of an anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion that doesn’t have the first piece of proof for any aspect of evolution, terrestrial or extraterrestrial

And, of course—through Satan-promoting “music”, TV, videos, movies, drugs, “education”, etc.—rejection of Biblical Creation and the Biblical Jesus is present everywhere and increasing dramatically (while churches avoid the evolution issue!).  Not surprisingly, while positioning themselves to welcome those who come to accept evolutionism, the Pharisee promoters have been careful to hide the fact that their g’d is really Satan posing as a “duality” of good and evil.  Rather, we hear of Madonna and other celebrities playing around with Kabbala jewelry, “education centers”, etc., offering a “cool” way to be religious without being stifled by some out-of-touch religion that still inveighs against a homosexual life style,  rejects “evolution science”, and is on its way to extinction.

From a worldly perspective, such a conclusion is realistic. Many historians have been referring to our “post Christian era” for a generation, at least. From the Pharisee perspective, they are ahead by a score of 42 to 12 at the end of a football game’s 3rd quarter.  Nothing really stands in the way of completing their goal of making Bible Christianity a hate-crime and establishing a Pharisee-only world.

So, it’s time for those who say they love Jesus and the Bible to prove it!!  Forget political efforts. This is religious warfare, pure and simple. When all is said and done, there are just two horses in this race: 1) Satanic Phariseeism based on the Talmud/Kabbala; 2) Father God and Jesus Christianity based on the Bible.  (Militant Islam is a by-product of collapsing Christianity and ascendant Phariseeism.  The Koran accepts the ex nihilo creation AND Jesus as a prophet born of the virgin Mary. The only answer to the question: “Who then was Jesus’ Father?” will bring honest hearted Muslims to Christ when Babylon is exposed and Satan worship is forced into the open (Rev. 17:14; 13:4. HERE

Given that notice of intent—along with all the aforementioned—it is time to  explain a little more about the nature of the Biblically promised “war that Jesus wins” (Rev. 17:14) so everybody can begin considering which side they want to be on when Babylon Falls:

First of all it should be understood that Atheists and Agnostics and peoples from all the other religions of the world will be impacted by the total collapse of evolutionism and its exposure as the work of Satan through the Pharisee Sect of Judaism.  They will know just as clearly as Christians and Pharisees what the two options are for everybody by the time Babylon has fallen.  A large percentage of those who now scoff at what the Bible says will learn what it really says during that period when Satan-implanted false teachings (I Tim. 4:1) are replaced with true teachings.  These will not scoff any longer, but will embrace the Biblical Truth and its God with great joy.  Those who hate those truths will choose to become overt Satan worshippers and blasphemers of the Biblical Creator God (Rev. 13:4).

Those who don’t believe any of this is going to happen—though it is clear in the text that it was pre-scheduled to begin “one hour” [2-3 months] after a Global Government is convened (Rev. 17:12)--will recall these warnings in due time. The sooner the better!

Those scores—perhaps hundreds of millions—of Christians who believe a time of “tribulation” is on the horizon are right in that belief.  However, their further belief that they will be raptured out to escape that tribulation is a Scripturally impossible false teaching and will not happen.  There will be no seven years in the sky with Jesus and no return to Jerusalem for a literal 1000 year reign of Christ. See for yourself!! If one goes by the Bible alone (Sola Scriptura) you can see these truths in a few hours! (There are five links on this site (c. 50 pages) which prove those statements from the Bible. Feel free to read and copy. Begin HERE.  If you want more, confirm from these short books: HERE-HERE-HERE.)
The other major “end time” doctrine (Preteritism) is followed almost exclusively by millions who have seen through and rejected the Pharisaic roots of the pre-trib rapture Dispensationalist teaching. (The “millennial” teaching itself is derived from the 12th century Kabbalist Rabam Maimonides and, just uncovered, by Kabbalist-friendly Sir Isaac Newton.9) Unfortunately for the Preterits, they have stepped out of one Satanic end time trap only to be ensnared in another one.  Their great error is in throwing out any futurist end time concept because they discovered the pre trib mill one to be wrong.  The Preterit View will go down with other false teachings when Babylon Falls. (HERE)

Indeed, all false doctrines in all Churches will be judged and exposed as part of the “war the Lamb wins”. (HERE - HERE - I Tim. 4:1; Rev. 17:14)  That is God’s purpose for promising that Satan’s Kingdom (II Cor.4:4) of Babylon would be unmasked and forced to make its worship of Satan overt and public and separate. Those who accept and embrace the wholesale doctrinal purification demanded by application of Sola Scriptura to all doctrines will constitute the formation of the Final Church "without spot or wrinkle". These are part of those living who will be raptured (I Thess.4:13-18) on the last day of this old earth’s history, i.e., after the seven Trumpet plagues and the “little season” (Rev. 20:3) are over. Christians who believe the Bible (KJV) is the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Word of God know that Jesus’ New Covenant teaches that He is not only Savior but also the Creator: (Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16; John 1:2,10; Heb. 1:3,10)This New Testament fact is doubly abhorrent to Talmudist/Kabbalists. Also, it is indisputable that millions of  Christian “Theistic Evolutionists” who--when they realize that they have been tricked into denying Jesus as the  ex nihilo (no evolution) Creator of Genesis--will gladly change.

There can be no Christianity without Jesus the Christ, and there is no other source of evidence for the credibility of either Christ or the Christian Church  than that which is in the Old and the New Covenants of the Bible.  No church which has added to or subtracted from the Bible (KJV as control) by requiring acceptance of additional books or oral traditions can combat and win over Satan-driven Talmud/Kabbalism’s stated goal of destroying Bible-based Christianity. Sola Scriptura is now the only banner for those who will follow Jesus. Rev. 17:14....

Therefore, those who trust the Bible to be God’s inspired Word from start to finish (II Tim. 3:16,17)--but also know that a host of doctrines of devils in the churches must be purified: (I Tim. 4:1)—must come to grips with: 1)The Scriptures which teach repeatedly that it is the sun and not the earth which moves (HERE-HERE).  2) The fraudulent “scientific” claims of a moving earth (HERE-HERE-HERE). 3) The fact that Copernicanism is the keystone that holds up the entire Pharisee/Kabbalist Cosmology. (HERE - HERE). 

Whatever one’s present beliefs may be, those facts ultimately present only two choices for all people everywhere, in all religions and no religion, viz.: Kabbalism or the Bible, i.e. Phariseeism or Christianity. “This Gospel shall be preached in all the world...and then the end shall come.” (Matt. 24:14; Mk. 13:10; 16:15) Today’s technology has prepared the world for the fulfillment of end-time Scriptures. (Hopefully—after a doctrinal re-alignment at TBN—it can play the role it was truly conceived to play in its establishment of Bible-based "Sola Scriptura" Global TV access!)

There is now a way for all who want to volunteer for this “war” (Rev. 17:14) to take a stand that will expose and destroy the evolution Idol.   That way begins in the churches (I Pet. 4:17.18), and involves removing all excuses for altering, ignoring, and denying the scores of stationary earth Scriptures.  True science proves the Bible; it does not prove Copernicus.  Today’s Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm is derived in toto from the anti-Christ Pharisee Religion’s “creation scenario”. (Sum: HERE-HERE-HERE.)

Christians will recognize the Timothy 6:20,21 warning....

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith....
The Greek on some key words is quite revealing; e.g., 1) “profane”, #592: i.e., “ implication... Jewish notions (!)...heathenish, wicked, profane.” 2) “vain”, #2757 - comp. of #2756, “empty, empty sounding, fruitless discussion: #5456: (“a bestial tone").  Webster’s: “bestial: inhuman, without reason or intelligence, carnal, not spiritual, debased, corrupt, contaminate, pollute, defile.”

3) “avoiding: ...don’t cross this doorway...this [false science] is accessible, but turn away....”

The only way to avoid the Pharisee Hate Crimes against Moses and all the Old Testament Hebrews who upheld his creation account--and against Jesus and all the New Testament Jews who upheld the Moses Account--is to expose the false science of a handful of mystic Kabbalist "sages" over the centuries who have deceived the world into following their profane Evolution Idol.


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